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This was a fun newborn session because the client had so many ideas about their session. They wanted to have a birth announcement that would also be their holiday card. Their baby arrived late November so it was the perfect timing to do that. What a beautiful holiday gift!

When I photograph a newborn baby I try to maintain a flow as much as possible. Make sure I get the baby with their eyes open right away if they’re awake and then once they are asleep start with some poses  that don’t require them to be in a deep sleet yet. Once I am confident they are sleeping well we move on to the more complicated poses like hands on elbow, stork’s pose etc. If they happen to wake during those we stop, feed, soothe and then resume that flow again, this time starting with parents and baby in arms and then finish off again with the more complicated poses.

At this session we had the client’s little Pomeranian with them for their newborn and family photos. She was so cute in her little outfit too.  For the holiday photos I had the lights set up as we had talked about some of these set-ups earlier. If you are thinking of anything themed like this it’s always a good idea to have everything ready before your baby is here because after the birth you won’t have much energy to do all that.

If you are thinking about newborn photography please do call and book as early as the second trimester.

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Newborn photography Bothell Holiday themed A holiday themed newborn session


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This sweet little baby girl slept and made this session a breeze. When I started she was already so fast asleep that we got started right away. I had to wait to get her awake photos until later.

I also like to ask parents to send me some of their favorite photos ahead of time. That way I get a good sense of what style clients are leaning towards E.g. black and white images, just baby  or more family photos. I rarely get a client that does not want photos with themselves and their baby. Usually I like to make sure the client gets at least one of those even thought the primary focus is on baby. Having yourself photographed after a sleepless night, and for women, right after giving birth is not something people want to go through. I get that and try and make it as easy and relaxing as possible.

When I photograph a newborn baby I try to maintain a flow as much as possible. Make sure I get the baby with their eyes open right away if they’re awake and then once they are asleep start with some poses  that don’t require them to be in a deep sleet yet. Once I am confident they are sleeping well we move on to the more complicated poses like hands on elbow, stork’s pose etc. If they happen to wake during those we stop, feed, soothe and then resume that flow again, this time starting with parents and baby in arms and then finish off again with the more complicated poses.

If you are thinking about newborn photography please do call and book as early as the second trimester.

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Newborn photography Redmond

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I have been wanting to do a children’s editorial photography style photo shoot for quite some time. When I saw these fabulous costumes I knew that was going to be the outfits and then obviously being the month of October it was all about Halloween. Halloween also happens to be one of my favorite holidays. So much drama, mood, costumes, accessories and of course candy! What a fun time of the year. After I had kids Halloween has been even more exciting with figuring out costumes, kids parties, trick or treating with them is always the best!

Creating the set involved a fun and successful shopping trip to the party store. I back-combed and texturized the  girls’ hair and then spray painted on the hair to add more pops of color. The lighting was very moody but yet soft, and I posed them to highlight the costumes. A fog machine lit with a gelled red light added more mood to the background. Let me tell you working with a fog machine is gonna take some practice to get it to work just right. Mine quit part of the way and then we had to let it sit for a few minutes to cool off and then get the fog going again. The kids were amazing. Of course it helped that they thought they look fabulous and extremely fancy! A lollipop at the end works as a a great reward too!


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We are offering a special session for a special senior!! It’s a pro bono senior session that includes makeup and  our middle package that has digitals and prints, the Wall Collection. Not only will this be a fun and free session but helps out a deserving senior get amazing senior photos and and an unforgettable experience. This student must be nominated by others to us. We are hoping to help someone out that would love to have senior photos and cannot have the done due to special circumstances.

Please follow these exact steps to make it count! Make your nomination via Instagram and tag the Special Senior you are nominating and tag us in the caption.   Link to our Instagram. Explain in your comments why this senior deserves a Special Senior session from T-elle Photography. Seniors must be graduating in 2015.

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We are excited to announce Summer mini photo sessions at Molbak’s are back. This year there going to be two dates. July 12th and July 19th, from 9am-12pm. Gather the family or just bring the kids and capture the moment. Session includes a 10 minute sitting in a semi-private setting. You’ll receive three digital files of your best shots. Space is limited. Click here to register. FEE: $20


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Most kids have a hobby. I love asking my seniors what they like to do for fun or as extra-curricular activities in school. I have taken photos of kids tap dancing, dressed in cosplay outfits, martial arts and of course kids that are into a sport of some kind, whether it’s playing for school or with a local club. Parents and seniors love to incorporate these hobbies and sports in the senior pictures. Getting a cool photo of something you have spent hours practicing, playing, and cheering for is rewarding! It’s something to make you remember those hours and years.

We usually leave these photos for the end of the shoot. That way messy hair won’t be an issue plus then the kids can play as much as they like whilst I take photos. If you book a senior photo session with us then do let us know ahead of time what sport you play so we can plan and have you bring outfits for that sport. Bringing in some gear too like helmets, pads and shoes make the shot more real. We will take some posed and then even some action shots.

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Senior sports pictures

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I always get asked this question by clients when they call to book senior photos. Location is important to clients and I usually like to get a sense of what the senior prefers and then select locations based on that. For instance this 2015 senior said “I would prefer more natural settings with bright colors and contrast as well as rural type settings, kind of rustic or old looking, anything wooden.”  So we went to a couple of locations around my studio area that had just that. We found bright pops of wild flowers and then some rustic, abandoned barns. For the soccer shot we landed up at the high school. When at these locations I kept in mind what my client was looking for – backdrops that would look good in black and white and then a areas with bright colors/light in the background. The soccer shot was a bit challenging in finding the perfect location as the ball fields were busy and finding the an empty goal was hard so when we found one we took it. I had to work the shot a bit as the angle of the sun was not ideal and I had to bring out my lights to get the look I wanted. My client plays goalie and she was great at posing and then we tried a few action shots too.

Sometimes seniors have a certain location in mind like a neighborhood park, if they have horses then their property/ranch. Or maybe go downtown for an urban vibe?  We can mix up some urban backdrops with natural to get more variety in the shots. Urban and architectural structures vibe well with the guys.

Because lighting is so important, location always comes second after light for me. Once at a location I am picking spots based on what the light is doing and how that affects the model. So even though location is super important you don’t necessarily have to travel far to get the best locations, they could be around your neighborhood and fortunately for me I have a ton of beautiful, natural as well as urban spots around my studio and within a short drive. Quite often we drive for about 10 minutes and are able to loop around 2-3 locations in the Woodinville, Bothell, Redmond area for our shoot. If the senior wants beach type senior photos then we can head to Edmonds or Kirkland waterfronts. For a more city feel Bellevue or downtown Seattle.  Once I had to scope a location with a forest-vibe for a client and she loved what where we went! Location is important to seniors for their photos and we like to make sure we are taking our clients to some great locations that make their senior photo experience so much more memorable and fun!

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This pose is by far one of my most requested poses. People love it! During the session I usually tackle it when I am sure the baby is in a deep sleep and more towards the end of the session versus the start. The reasons for this are because the pose needs the baby to be still to really work best. It also may awaken the baby and therefore I like to make sure we are almost done with their session.  The stork pose is one of the favorite newborn photography poses because it looks organic, and most people will make that image to make into a canvas or large wall print for their home. It has an artistic quality about it. I would definitely put a large canvas of this one on my wall at home. It’s a show stopper, a conversation starter and it is timeless as far as poses go.

When doing this pose I always take safety precautions. In the images below there is one where I have shown you how I have the parents help me. Quite often the sling is tied to my background pole or Dad is holding the sling and mom has her hands under the baby. The sling is also just a few inches above the beanbag as an extra safety measure. Babies can jerk in their sleep and this can cause them to move shift. When I have baby in the fabric on the bean bag I will lift it just teensy bit first and make sure if the baby is going to shift in there it happens before we lift her up any higher. Typically a baby that is not going to like this pose will let you know at this point and if they do I will most likely move on to something else.  I go slowly and only once I have my assistants in place do I step back to take the shot. I also make sure the lighting and my camera settings are all set-up before I even attempt this so I am not hanging the baby any longer than I need to.  In post I then remove parents’ hands, the beanbag and clean up the photo. I love trying new fabrics, backgrounds and set-ups for this pose. But I also like to keep them simple and clean because I feel the pose just speaks for itself.

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Newborn photography poses

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Quite often seniors will ask if they can bring their pets to senior photo shoots. And I always say YES!! Why? Because Senior photos with pets are fun and they help create a fun and relaxing atmosphere for your photos. I think people worry that their pets are unpredictable and may not behave appropriately for the senior shoot but…that’s what makes it memorable! At this shoot I had so much fun laughing at the antics of the horses and the dog. Each showed their own personality and wanted to join in on the action. I am very comfortable around animals and have two dogs of my own and know how crazy and yet sweet they can be. So if you are contemplating whether to include your pets or not don’t hesitate and let’s try and make it work. Your pets will be thrilled to be included and someday when you look back at your senior photos you will be super happy you did include them.

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seattle senior photos with pets

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What to wear for family photos can be the biggest stress point for most moms when planning for their family photos. It’s the most common question I get and I hope that by looking at the examples I have posted on this site you have some good guidelines to follow.

First of all decide on a color scheme. Look at my palette in the image below for an example. You can do this is to pick a few colors and put them together and see how they work together. The best way to do this is by getting a few clothes in those colors together or going on the computer and using any basic graphic software to create blocks of colors. If you are planning to buy new clothes then look at what colors are popular and out of these colors decide what work for you. E.g. Emerald green is in but do you even like that color? A good way to gauge what is in season for colors is to go to a few clothing websites and look at the new arrivals category. Those are all the colors you’ll find at the stores too.

If you decide not to buy and just make the best of what you already have then a good place to start is with the adults’ clothes. Look for common colors or a set of two colors in yours(adults) clothing. Select the basic theme here and then move on to the kids’ clothes for coordinating colors. Kids have a lot more variety of colors in their wardrobes typically and are easier to fit in once the adults’ colors are narrowed down.

Pinterest is a great tool for looking for ideas. A great way to use Pinterest is to search for trends styles and then look which stores carry what you like based on where the pins are from. That helps speed up your shopping trip. Large department stores like Nordstrom have personal shoppers that can help and guide you. If you have a busy life and no time to shop then hiring a personal shopper to either shop for you or with you is also a great option.

If you are having a large group with a few families together for the photo session then its good idea to pick two colors and a fabric and let everyone do the best they can. E.g. Green, blue and denim. That way each family can coordinate within themselves around these colors. In the end it always comes out great.

Most important of all remember these are your family photos and have a special meaning to you. So go with what you are most comfortable with.  If you are casual style family then denim, sneakers with some colors would be more natural looking. If you like to dress up then khakis, blazers, heels, accessories fit the look you want to aim for.

I have a few more ideas on Pinterest that you could go through.

What to wear for family photos

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In the Forbes article, 14 Steps To Improve Your LinkedIn Presence In 2014, guess what the number one point is? Have a professional photo as your profile photo! Yes, it matters a lot when someone sees you have a professional headshot because it reflects your desire to make a good first impression. In the business world first impressions are SO important. Professional headshot photos give your profile credibility. Also, Forbes suggests you choose a black and white photo! Since the majority of the photos are in color, by selecting a black and white photo you will help set yourself apart from the crowd.

Your picture should be taken recently, and be recognizable. If you have recently cut your hair, grown a beard, changed hair colors, updated to the latest and greatest in fashion eyeglasses, then it’s time to go in and get your headshot updated with your new look.

CNET states that overall, most employers and recruiters already use social networks to find job candidate. A selfie profile photo will stand out like a sore thumb. Getting your headshot updated is not tough. And we have made this super convenient for you. Each month we offer a headshot event date where you get a discounted rate for your professional headshot, it’s quick, easy and hassle free. For more details visit our headshots page here.

Seattle headshot photographer

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We are setting up a high school senior portrait destination shoot, and are thrilled to announce that we will be your new Anchorage senior photographer. If you live in or around the Anchorage, Alaska area then DO contact us for more details. Here’s how it works. We will set up certain dates that we will be in Anchorage, AK. You get to pick a time on any of these dates for your senior portraits. We will include makeup and hair just like we do in our Seattle sessions and then you get to have you senior photos taken with  Tushna.  You will have your photos presented in a private online gallery and get to pick your package as well as your yearbook photo. All prints and products of your senior portraits will get shipped to you. Our senior photos sessions are fun and make your senior feel beautiful and proud of this milestone she has reached. View more of our senior photos here.

Senior photography Seattle - on a beautiful old bridge

Your senior session includes

  • As many outfit changes as you wish.
  • The photographer’s help with posing, setting up appropriate lighting, and creating a fun, relaxed experience for your senior pictures.
  • Your senior pictures are about you! So you can bring your pets, car, bike, musical instruments, costumes..anything you like!
  • You will receive a gallery of 40-60 images. You will then have the option to purchase prints, albums, and digital files. We also offer several pretty cool collections.
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Seattle newborn baby photographer

Seattle newborn baby photographer, Tushna Lehman, offers beautiful newborn baby photography that will create stunning art pieces for you to display and enjoy your newborn baby forever.

Are you expecting a new baby soon? Start thinking about which Seattle newborn baby photographer you want to go with early in your pregnancy and that way you are on the Seattle newborn photographer’s calendar. It also saves you having to make a rush decision once baby is here or just before your due date. Here is a list of some of the things you should take into consideration when looking for a Seattle newborn photographer. Body of work Does the Seattle newborn baby photographer have a strong body of work? Do they have a variety of pictures using different poses, props and also some strong family photos? You want to ensure your Seattle newborn photographer will be able to provide you with a variety of photos for you to use as artwork for your walls and be able to send out to family as well.


The personality of your Seattle newborn baby photographer sets the tone for your future relationship and how comfortable you are with them. Always try and have a phone conversation at least to make sure the Seattle newborn baby photographer is a good fit for you. After all, they will be handling your baby. Talk to them about experience and comfort with babies and children. Price Even though price is an important factor in selecting your Seattle newborn baby photographer, it should not be the main criteria. Photographers that cost more also have more experience, a legitimate business, and better equipment.


Even though it is hard to know what you will do with your newborn baby pictures, it is still better to give some thought on whether you are looking for artwork for your walls, or prints to send to family and friends etc. If digital files are important to you, keep in mind that after having a new baby finding time to make prints and design albums is not easy. Your Seattle newborn photographer should have stunning, high-end products and the skills to create beautiful artwork for you.


Some Seattle newborn baby photographers have their own studio space and others will travel to your home. If you prefer the photographer to come to your home or the hospital make sure they have lighting to use on our dreary Seattle days. Sometimes natural light will not suffice. Our studio space is comfortable and we provide a rocker to feed your baby, a restroom, light snacks, and keep the room comfortable and warm for your baby. It is also a great time for parents to just relax and let your Seattle newborn photographer take over for a few hours.

Length of session

Typically newborn photo sessions are long. However, they need not go on more than 3 hours, unless you have a very fussy baby that day. Your Seattle newborn photographer should be able to get sufficient pictures within three-four hours so you can get on with your day. It is always a good idea to go prepared with extra food and snacks for yourself and baby. T-elle Photography is a Seattle newborn baby photographer based in Woodinville and offers newborn photography to the greater Seattle area.


View our newborn photography page for more images and info.

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{We are no longer accepting applications for senior reps }

Are you graduating high school in 2015??? Do you love photography and beautiful senior pictures? Then we need you to be a senior rep for us. Having your high school senior pictures taken at T-elle Photography studios is easy, fun, you will look amazing PLUS you get some beautiful portraits to keep forever! We only take on a small number of reps each year so please apply before March 31st 2014 to be considered!!

What does it take to be a senior rep?

Personality, personality, personality!! If you are cool with sharing your senior pictures through social media and at school with your friends – then that’s all we ask from you!

What do you get to look forward too?

You receive a complimentary portrait session with T-elle Photography. The session will take place outdoors on location, and maybe a small part of it in our Studio. With each referral you will receive credit towards your photos. We offer professional hair and make-up too!

How do we help you get referrals for your hard work?

I will arm you with a portfolio of your photos on Facebook and for your phone. Using these you can share your photos with friends and refer other students to T-elle Photography for senior portraits.

How to apply?

Click on the link here.

To see the our full gallery of images click here




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