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Senior photos with pets | Woodinville senior photographer

Quite often seniors will ask if they can bring their pets to senior photo shoots. And I always say YES!! Why? Because Senior photos with pets are fun and they help create a fun and relaxing atmosphere for your photos. I think people worry that their pets are unpredictable and may not behave appropriately for the senior shoot but…that’s what makes it memorable! At this shoot I had so much fun laughing at the antics of the horses and the dog. Each showed their own personality and wanted to join in on the action. I am very comfortable around animals and have two dogs of my own and know how crazy and yet sweet they can be. So if you are contemplating whether to include your pets or not don’t hesitate and let’s try and make it work. Your pets will be thrilled to be included and someday when you look back at your senior photos you will be super happy you did include them.

seattle senior photos with pets

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What to wear for family photos | Woodinville family photographer

What to wear for family photos can be the biggest stress point for most moms when planning for their family photos. It’s the most common question I get and I hope that by looking at the examples I have posted on this site you have some good guidelines to follow.

First of all decide on a color scheme. Look at my palette in the image below for an example. You can do this is to pick a few colors and put them together and see how they work together. The best way to do this is by getting a few clothes in those colors together or going on the computer and using any basic graphic software to create blocks of colors. If you are planning to buy new clothes then look at what colors are popular and out of these colors decide what work for you. E.g. Emerald green is in but do you even like that color? A good way to gauge what is in season for colors is to go to a few clothing websites and look at the new arrivals category. Those are all the colors you’ll find at the stores too.

If you decide not to buy and just make the best of what you already have then a good place to start is with the adults’ clothes. Look for common colors or a set of two colors in yours(adults) clothing. Select the basic theme here and then move on to the kids’ clothes for coordinating colors. Kids have a lot more variety of colors in their wardrobes typically and are easier to fit in once the adults’ colors are narrowed down.

Pinterest is a great tool for looking for ideas. A great way to use Pinterest is to search for trends styles and then look which stores carry what you like based on where the pins are from. That helps speed up your shopping trip. Large department stores like Nordstrom have personal shoppers that can help and guide you. If you have a busy life and no time to shop then hiring a personal shopper to either shop for you or with you is also a great option.

If you are having a large group with a few families together for the photo session then its good idea to pick two colors and a fabric and let everyone do the best they can. E.g. Green, blue and denim. That way each family can coordinate within themselves around these colors. In the end it always comes out great.

Most important of all remember these are your family photos and have a special meaning to you. So go with what you are most comfortable with.  If you are casual style family then denim, sneakers with some colors would be more natural looking. If you like to dress up then khakis, blazers, heels, accessories fit the look you want to aim for.

I have a few more ideas on Pinterest that you could go through.

What to wear for family photos

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Improve your Linked In presence with a professional headshot

In the Forbes article, 14 Steps To Improve Your LinkedIn Presence In 2014, guess what the number one point is? Have a professional photo as your profile photo! Yes, it matters a lot when someone sees you have a professional headshot because it reflects your desire to make a good first impression. In the business world first impressions are SO important. Professional headshot photos give your profile credibility. Also, Forbes suggests you choose a black and white photo! Since the majority of the photos are in color, by selecting a black and white photo you will help set yourself apart from the crowd.

Your picture should be taken recently, and be recognizable. If you have recently cut your hair, grown a beard, changed hair colors, updated to the latest and greatest in fashion eyeglasses, then it’s time to go in and get your headshot updated with your new look.

CNET states that overall, most employers and recruiters already use social networks to find job candidate. A selfie profile photo will stand out like a sore thumb. Getting your headshot updated is not tough. And we have made this super convenient for you. Each month we offer a headshot event date where you get a discounted rate for your professional headshot, it’s quick, easy and hassle free. For more details visit our headshots page here.

Seattle headshot photographer

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Senior photos in Anchorage | Anchorage senior photographer

We are setting up a high school senior portrait destination shoot, and are thrilled to announce that we will be your new Anchorage senior photographer. If you live in or around the Anchorage, Alaska area then DO contact us for more details. Here’s how it works. We will set up certain dates that we will be in Anchorage, AK. You get to pick a time on any of these dates for your senior portraits. We will include makeup and hair just like we do in our Seattle sessions and then you get to have you senior photos taken with  Tushna.  You will have your photos presented in a private online gallery and get to pick your package as well as your yearbook photo. All prints and products of your senior portraits will get shipped to you. Our senior photos sessions are fun and make your senior feel beautiful and proud of this milestone she has reached. View more of our senior photos here.

Senior photography Seattle - on a beautiful old bridge

Your senior session includes

  • As many outfit changes as you wish.
  • The photographer’s help with posing, setting up appropriate lighting, and creating a fun, relaxed experience for your senior pictures.
  • Your senior pictures are about you! So you can bring your pets, car, bike, musical instruments, costumes..anything you like!
  • You will receive a gallery of 40-60 images. You will then have the option to purchase prints, albums, and digital files. We also offer several pretty cool collections.
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Senior Reps graduating in 2015 needed

{We are no longer accepting applications for senior reps graduating in 2014.}

Are you graduating high school in 2015??? Do you love photography and beautiful senior pictures? Then we need you to be a senior rep for us. Having your high school senior pictures taken at T-elle Photography studios is easy, fun, you will look amazing PLUS you get some beautiful portraits to keep forever! We only take on a small number of reps each year so please apply before March 31st 2014 to be considered!!

What does it take to be a senior rep?

Personality, personality, personality!! If you are cool with sharing your senior pictures through social media and at school with your friends – then that’s all we ask from you!

What do you get to look forward too?

You receive a complimentary portrait session with T-elle Photography. The session will take place outdoors on location, and maybe a small part of it in our Studio. With each referral you will receive credit towards your photos. We offer professional hair and make-up too!

How do we help you get referrals for your hard work?

I will arm you with a portfolio of your photos on Facebook and for your phone. Using these you can share your photos with friends and refer other students to T-elle Photography for senior portraits.

How to apply?

Click on the link here.

To see the our full gallery of images click here




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Playing with dinosaurs | Woodinville senior pictures

I love the story behind this high school seniors’ photos. She used to love playing at her neighborhood park as a little girl. In fact she even has a favorite dinosaur that she remembers and still loves. So when she called me and said that she wanted her photos to be taken at that very playground I was so excited. This was just the cutest lil neighborhood park. There were a few kids playing who were very curious why we were taking pictures of a bigger kid on a swing. Christina was such a sport she even climbed the rock wall to pose on top. I LOVE how her senior photos turned out and so did she!
To be able to give her senior photos that had so much meaning moved something in me..I guess it’s the mom in me that got emotional, to think that someday my kids would grow up and the swings in our backyard would be outgrown; all we would have of these times would be pictures of them. Someday with my kids I would love to do something similar for their senior photos and make a connection between what they loved doing as kids and tie in some of those memories in their senior photos.

Senior seattle photographer


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Summer photos at Molbak’s

Gather the family or just bring the kids and capture the moment with a professional, mini-photos at Molbak’s . Session includes a 10 minute sitting in the beautiful Molbak’s store with a set custom designed and created by the Molbak’s visual team.  You’ll receive three digital files of your best shots. Space is limited and online registration required.

July 27, 10am-2pm, FEE: $30

Click here to register

photos at Molbak

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Introducing boudoir photography | Seattle boudoir photography studio

Announcing Seattle boudoir photography studio, T-elle Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography – Actually I prefer to call it “Beauty” Photography. Which is exactly what my goal is, to make you feel and look beautiful in a way that you are comfortable with. Most of all I want to make it a fun experience for you and give you some gorgeous photos of yourself, your body and your spirit! beauty, glamour, boudoir, pin-up photography (call it what you will) sessions include hair and make-up always! You can try it with a friend, your partner or just as a special treat for yourself. Boudoir pictures make an intimate, special gift for the man in your life – trust me they will LOVE it!

If you are interested in seeing more of my boudoir work please visit my new website where I showcase only boudoir, glamor, pin-up photography.

T-elle Boudoir Photography

For parties of 3 or more we will have the sessions on-location at a hotel suite. Boudoir parties can work great for bachelorette parties and also for bridal or wedding gifts.
Please make sure to get these booked ahead of time to ensure availability of the photographer and makeup artists.

Please call me for info 206-225-8178

Seattle boudoir beauty photographer



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Parenting the Love & Logic way | T-elle Photography studio Woodinville, WA

This event will be held at T-elle Photography studio Woodinville, WA. A fun, practical and engaging afternoon where you will gain strategies to be more confident and effective as a parent.

Date & time: Sunday June 2nd, 2013 from 2:00 to 3:3:30pm

Photography studio Woodinville hosts Love & Logic parenting class

Topics covered will be:
• Handling misbehavior without breaking sweat
• Teaching kids to listen…the first time
• Avoiding power struggles
• How to set limits
• Create happier parents, happier kids and happier families
• What to do when your kids leave you speechless

This will be taught by Liann Smith, who is a certified Parent Coach and an independent facilitator of the Becoming a Love and Logic Parent® curricula. Liann is certified in Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) from the University of Washington. PCIT teaches parents to interact with their children in a way that encourages positive social behavior as well as a confident and nurturing relationship. Liann is also a fun and inspiring teacher, and I have learned a lot from her.

Liann has an undergraduate degree in Child Development and BiblicalStudies. Not only is Liann a highly trained professional, she is also a mother of three grown children. She has worked with hundreds of families with children as a church ministry director and teacher for over 17 years. More info

No charge for attending. I would appreciate your support of my Facebook page in return :-)  and/or sign up on my mailing list to get notifications of future events.

Babies six months and under are fine otherwise please leave the kids at home for this one.

This event will be held at at T-elle Photography studio Woodinville, WA.  Address and map

RSVP for this event by email


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Thinking of some pregnancy pictures?

We have a great special this month!

Get a complimentary mini maternity photo session with any newborn photography package. Expires April 30th, 2013. 

What can you get from a mini maternity photo session? This is a thirty minute photo session and can include your significant other and also any children. It typically takes place in my studio or around my property depending on what you want out of your pregnancy pictures.  Pregnancy photos are taken between weeks 30-37 but we can do it later if you are past that time frame. To prepare for your pregnancy photo session I recommend to talk to me ahead of time about the look and style you would like from your photos. Do you want pregnancy silhouettes, pregnancy nude photos or more candid lifestyle type of photos? Once we figure that out we will discuss outfits fabrics etc.

This special is included when you book a newborn baby photography session with me. To see some of my newborn baby packages please visit the baby photography page.

Oh.. and I have one request– head on over and support me by liking my Facebook page.

View more of my pregnancy photos

pregnancy picture of boy kissing mom


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Family photos clothing ideas – Seattle family photography

Ideas on what to wear for Spring family photos

Planning a family photo session? Trying to decide on outfits can be quite a challenge especially with a large family. Here are a few family photos clothing ideas for your family photography session. Coordinate your colors, keep it loose and not too matched. Use these as guidelines and make sure you’re comfortable with what you wear. If you prefer a more casual or dressy look then go for that. The style should reflect your style as a family too. Make sure you add accessories as well to add pops of color or balance out the overall color scheme.

I love these bright colors particularly with our drab Seattle weather. Colors like these in the Spring will pop, add brightness and fun to your Seattle family photography session. Spring is great season to go bright and bold. So go with the seasons’ colors of emerald green, poppy red and add some neutral linen in to sober it down a bit. But most of all have fun when planning out your outfits for your family photography.

I do update my family photos clothing ideas with each season so do check back periodically or follow me on Pinterest to see more of these kind of posts.

See some of my Seattle family photography work here.

What to wear for family photos

More examples I have posted on this site.


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WPPI 2013 | A photographer’s first trip to WPPI

And finally I made it to my first ever real big photo convention – WPPI 2013! I was stoked, let me tell you, to be there. To be able to touch and browse all the hundreds and hundreds of albums, books, canvases, prints and so much more. It was thrilling, over-whelming and exhausting!

I had planned this trip to learn and get to know my industry, and also get to spend a couple of days away from the kids with my hubby. I love that we got the perfect balance of fun and work in. It was a whirlwind two day trip as we had left our kiddos home under the watch of my family.  We managed to walk the Strip, shop, see KÀ by Cirque de Soleil and try some great food.

So how was WPPI 2013?? A-mazing!!! The MGM is grand in itself but to fill two huge ballrooms with booths of endless photo vendors is crazy! I met with lighting experts to learn more about products by Elinchrom, the lighting company of my choice. I listened to some renowned photographers talk about a gamut of topics from equipment, posing, lighting, social media, marketing etc. I loved the demo at the Nik Software booth. Totally sold! It was so fun to talk to vendors and discuss products with them. See samples and learn about what’s new! I have so many ideas for new products to offer this year. Information overload big-time!

So what do you do when you have so much to look through plus so many things on your wishlist? Well the plan was to go through the whole show and then shortlist a few products, go back and purchase them. I finally settled on the Fundy album-building software, also loved the backdrops/floors that WHCC sells, plus some new packaging for the studio.

So it was the last day and I had about an hour left to go get the items I planned on purchasing. Plenty of time to do that, right?!? WRONG! The show was ending an hour earlier that day and I had totally forgotten about that! So at 3pm sharp out came the MGM bouncers to stop anyone from entering through the main doors! As I was stuck between the two ballrooms I realized that they weren’t going let us in again. So of course being a typical never take no for an answer kind of gal, I made this crazy dash for it, left hubby behind in the dry Nevada dust as I sprinted into the ballroom. I managed to convince a disgruntled bouncer who came chasing after me to let me in. Then as they were tearing down the booths I finalized and ordered my products just in time. Thanks to the cool folks at WHCC for helping me out with that even after they had lost internet service!  I was able to hand pick some stuff I have had on my wishlist as well as taking advantage of some great discounts for purchasing at the show! So grateful to have this trip come together for me!

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A birth photography story | UW Medical Center, Seattle WA

This was the first baby for this family. They called me at around 3am which is pretty common for births. Most women go into labor at night and that just comes with the job of birth photographer!  Once I got to the hospital I found out that things were progressing steadily for mommy-to-be. The nurses and team at the hospital were amazing. Patient, fun and super easy-going. And obviously competent as this is one of the best hospitals in the country!

As mama labored I kind of drifted in and out and also walked around capturing images of any moments of activity but also giving the client their privacy and letting them get some rest.

Once baby arrived I was able to photograph her getting cleaned up and also as they checked her and did the weigh-in. I usually stay until all that is complete and mama has had a chance to bond with her new baby. As a birth photographer I love to capture those first moments with family but it’s also an honor to be able to stay a bit until all the flurry of activity is past and just mom and dad are left to enjoy their little one by themselves. As always it was so thrilling and such an honor to be there for this birth story.

***The client’s hospital gown was purchased from Pretty Pushers.  A stylish alternative to the regular hospital gown, don’t you think?***

See more birth photography on my Birth page.

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Maternity & newborn baby photography | Woodinville, WA

When I first met this momma she was barely showing, and had not yet found out the gender of her baby. So I feel like I have been on such an amazing journey with her! We were lucky in the Fall with a beautiful sunny morning for maternity photos. They brought their own umbrella and wanted to use it as the prop. Fun!

When little baby Atticus came along he was so tiny and cute! I love the little pout he gave for his photos:-)Thank-you for entrusting me with your belly to baby photography B family!

Seattle pregnancy photographer
Seattle pregnancy photographer
Seattle newborn photographer
Seattle newborn photographer
Seattle newborn photographer

See more maternity photography on my Belly page.
See more baby photography on my Baby page.

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Spring mini photo sessions at the Washington Park Arboretum

Spring is in the air and let’s face after being cooped up for the winter what better way to celebrate than to photograph the kiddos out having a blast.

Mini Sessions are shorter outdoor family photo sessions and work great for families who would like to get some updated pictures, and/or just don’t have the time to commit to a full session.

Date: Saturday March 30th, 2013

Location: The Washington Park Arboretum. 2300 Arboretum Drive East, Seattle, WA, US

I will update the week before where exactly we will meet in the gardens. The arboretum has beautiful old cherry blossoms and other spring colors which will work beautifully as the setting.They typically blossom mid-March to early April. There is plenty of space to play and run for the kids.


  • 30 minute sessions for up to 5 people or pets
  • Additional people and pets are $20 each
  • Only one outfit for the full session
  • Session costs $200 (includes tax)
  • Includes a gallery of 10-20 edited images. Session cost includes 5 fully edited digital files of your choice.
  • Additional digital files are available for purchase. Prints and additional products are also available to purchase.
  • Galleries need to be viewed in a subsequent appointment at the T-elle Photography Studio, Woodinville, WA

A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to hold your spot. Please send it via PayPal to info@tellePhotography.com or mail it to 16631 NE 172nd Pl, Woodinville, WA 98072. Or if you prefer, just call me and make the deposit over the phone via credit card, 206-225-8178. The deposit is non-refundable but transferable to a future session if cancelled before March 23rd, 2013.

PLEASE NOTE: If the weather is lousy and we need to reschedule, then the rain date will be April 6th, 2013.

Pet photos in Seattle

Seattle pet photographer
Seattle familly photographer

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