Senior Portrait Clothing Tips and Ideas

Have fun with this! We encourage you to bring several outfits, and we will help you to select the best ones for your session. For example, if you choose the ULTIMATE session we recommend bringing at least 10 outfits. We may not get to them all, but it will give us a great idea as to your style and ‘look’ so that we can give you the best experience possible.


  • Be conscious of parts of your body that might make you uncomfortable.  For example, if you are uncomfortable with the way that your legs look, avoid shorts and shorter length dresses/skirts as legs appear larger.
  • Layers and accessories – feel free to add any cool jackets, coats and sweaters, yes even if we’re shooting in the summer. When putting together your outfits, remember that accessories are great! Scarves, hats, belts, jewelry, headbands, boots and dress shoes can really express your style!
  • Group your outfits together on hangars.  Clothing in a bag or laid over your arms will become wrinkled, and will not look good in your portraits.
  • Bring outfits that you love, are comfortable in etc. Jeans, tops, sweaters, skirts, shorts etc. We do strongly suggest covering your arms in one or more outfits. Try to avoid bringing all sleeveless tops.
  • GLASSES – all glasses will produce glare in your senior portraits, as we photograph mainly with natural light outdoors.  If you want to wear your glasses in your senior portraits have your optometrist provide you with a pair of frames with no lenses in them (or remove the lenses from yours) for your session.
  • TANNING – while a little color is nice, be sure not to overdo it for your session.  Tan lines are not attractive (if you have them, best to avoid outfits that show them).
  •  Fingernails – they show!  We recommend having a manicure prior to your portrait session


Even if you do not normally wear makeup or don’t wear ‘much makeup’ you need the appropriate amount applied for your portraits to look their best. Our make-up artists will give you a natural look that makes your skin look fresh and clear for your pictures. Your eyes are the focus of most of your photographs so feel free to make any special requests with the make-up and try something cool.  Please don’t fret about bumps or blemishes as whatever the make-up does not cover will get removed in post-production. If you are having your own make-up done prior to meeting us do let me know if you would like makeup artist referrals.

Hair – your hair should reflect you, and your own style. Senior portraits are not a time to try new ‘looks’ for your hair that you do not normally do. Any cuts or color should be done at least a week prior to your session to ensure they look their best. Also, feel free to change up your hair during your session – add accessories, pull it up, curl it (time permitting), and more!

Tip: Bring photos of makeup looks you like. Also take a photo of yourself with makeup on to show the makeup artists so she knows your ‘everyday look.’

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